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CCTV Inspection

The "health condition" of underground pipes has more than often being overlooked. The main cause is that it is not visible to the eye. Hence, it is no surprise that they are usually assumed to be the same condition as they were first laid.

These neglected areas may eventually prove fatal. One of the most common problems is back-flows and deterioration of pipes over time. When such instances occurred, the defective pipeline will have a significant drop in efficiency. Also, the cost for its maintenance will escalate.

A way to ascertain the status of the pipelines is to uncover the pipe and have a physical check on it. However, this method has many drawbacks. Of one is that this means is far too disruptive. Even if one knows there is a problem with the pipelines, he may not know where exactly the problem lies and the location where he can tackle the issue.

  • Under such circumstances, the use of CCTV inspection of pipelines is highly recommended to confirm the exact location of the defects. A video inspection is able to pinpoint the exact problems, such as cracks, sags, root obstructions or breaks. Such a system is also commonly used to accomplish as-built inspections, locating of service connections and find buried manholes.

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  • Allows problems to be identified without costly trial dig ups
  • Assists in the cleaning of pipelines