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Lateral Rehabilitation

Lateral rehabilitation (Top Hat), is one of the fastest repair methods for faulty / damaged laterals in the world. The damage can be carried out within an hour without much disruption to the publics and environment. The need for flow diversion during the works is not required. In addition, with this system, root growth around the defected laterals can be prevented.

The beauty of this technique is that it is able to work in conjunction with the CIPP lining system and independently. The latter occurs when the surround of the faulty laterals is still structurally sound and requires no repair.

The Process

Liner Impregnation
  • The resin impregnated felt (Top Hat) is inserted onto the lateral packer and manoeuvred remotely to the location of the lateral / connection monitored by CCTV camera.
  • The Top Hat is inverted into the lateral / connection and pressurise in place till a tight fit is obtained. The Top Hat with impregnated resin is then ambient cured and a hard impermeable seal is formed from the host pipe up to 300mm into the lateral / connection.
  • The lateral packer is decompressed and withdrawn from the pipe.
  • Before Top Hat Rehabilitation
  • After Top Hat Rehabilitation

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Advantages Of Lateral Rehabilitation
  • Permanent long term solution to leaking laterals
  • Perfectly sealed lateral connections to the mains
  • Fast installation
  • Clean operation as no excavation / digging is required
  • Eliminates the need to access into individual premises
  • Prevents roots
  • Improves hydraulic flow