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SPR Lining

SPR is a spiral wound trenchless pipeline renewal process designed for the rehabilitation of large diameter pipelines up to 5000mm. SPR utilizes steel reinforced interlocking PVC profile panels grouted in place with a high compressive strength grout.

In today conjested road traffic, public utilities and infrastructures. Any disruption to traffic and/or public utilities (electricity, water, gas supply) will certainly cause great disturbances to the public. Although there are many ways to replace, repairs or rehabilitate a pipeline, but most of the methods required closure of road for more than 12 hours to facilitate the work or even stoppage of existing public utility, wheras the worldwide award winning and patented SPR system is suitable for such conditions where road disruption can be kept to a minimum and public utilities need not be stopped during execution of works.

The Process

Inspection and Cleaning of host pipe
  • Prior to SPR winding process, the host pipe is inspected via CCTV camera and cleaned with high pressure water jet to remove any loose debris
Winding Process
  • The SPR profile is fed through the manhole into the winding machine placed in the host pipe. The winding machine winds the PVC profile to requested form and interlocks the PVC strips to a new watertight pipe. Due to the forward winding motion the machine can be continuously shifted to the next downstream length without dismantling of the machine above ground. For longer rehabilitation sections the profile is cut off at the intermediate shaft behind it to continue the winding process.
Bracing System
  • After winding process, if required the bracing system shall be installed. The bracing material is lowered through standard manhole openings and set up to provide structural support during the grouting process. It also acts to position the SPR profile in the host pipe according to engineering specifications.
  • The grouting process is split into the injection of grouting material into annular space between host pipe and wounded PVC profile and the curing of special high-strength grout. Thereafter the bracing system is dismantled and the rehabilitation pipe is ready for service.

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Advantages and Benefits

Other applications of SPR include vertical applications such as wet wells, access shafts and other large diameter structures.

The SPR process is unique as it can provide a customized structural solution to aging pipelines. It can be engineered to correct hydraulic anomalies as well as restore the slope of the original pipe. The interlocking edges of the profile create an impermeable mechanical lock that can withstand strong deformational forces.

SPR PVC profile have a Maanings "N" Value of .010. SPR liners have been tested in accordance with industry standards and meet or exceed the standards for Spiral-wound PVC Profile Wall Liners ASTM F – 1697-02 and F 1741-02a.

  • Truly Trenchless – requires only standard manhole entry
  • Improved flow with smooth PVC material (Manning’s n of 0.01.)
  • Ideal for larger diameter
  • Able to be used for both circular and noncircular pipes
  • Adaptable to host pipe conditions
  • Joint free lining
  • Long lengths achievable
  • Low social impact
  • Can be installed in live flow conditions
  • Negotiates bends and curves
  • Existing entry point can be used
  • Suitable for a wide variety of host pipe materials
  • Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Improves the flow coefficient
  • Prolong the life span of the host pipe