About Us

Founded in 2000, PMPS has built a solid reputation for market excellent and has proven itself to be among the best in its core business of Pipeline Rehabilitation.

Trenchless Pipeline (No Dig) Technology is gaining popularity around the world to rehabilitate old pipes, conduits and culverts. This is because it requires little or no excavation to access these pipes and culverts, reducing downtime cost, disruption to services and minimal reinstatement to above ground infrastructure.

This rehabilitation process extends the service life of deteriorated host pipes, conduits and culverts as it improves its hydraulic capacity, as well providing structural strength necessary to support both internal pipe pressure as well as external forces such as traffic and soil/building loading.

As of today we have established an impressive reputation for delivery contracts in a timely and cost effective manner. In 2008 the company became one of the licensees to Sekisui SPR Spiral wound PVC Pipeline Renewal Technology in both Singapore & Malaysia.